Why Choose a Midwife? - A Midwifery Advocacy Video

January 21, 2010

Our Bodies Ourselves, like many other birth organizations and activists, has long believed that all birthing women should have access to midwives and to a midwifery model of care. A new video, “Why Choose a Midwife?” provides an overview of this model and serves as an advocacy tool for midwifery.

Our own Judy Norsigian was interviewed for the piece, and explains the Our Bodies Ourselves position on choices in childbirth:

We want to have more women having vaginal births after cesarean available in the hospital setting, we want to have more certified nurse midwives in the hospital setting, we want to have more trained, licensed midwives in the home birth setting.

She also acknowledges a woman’s right to make her own educated decisions with regard to childbirth, explaining that “women and their partners choose the risks they want to take when they choose a home birth or they choose a hospital birth.”

Other topics covered in the 12-minute film include safety, home birth, the problems with some routine hospital interventions, the attention provided by midwives, cost, and choice. Also featured are Gene DeClerq, PhD (Boston University School of Public Health) and Marcie Richardson, MD (a Massachusetts Ob/Gyn), with additional footage graciously provided by other filmmakers. A volunteer film editor, with guidance from a group of volunteers from Our Bodies Ourselves and Massachusetts Friends of Midwives, created the piece.

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