Quebec: La CORPS Féministe


Under development


French (for Canada)


La CORPS Féministe, a Quebec-based group is adapting sections of “Our Bodies Ourselves” into French. The focus of the materials is sexuality and relationships, and the resulting booklet will carry content related to changing attitudes towards marriage in Canada, alongside culturally-specific data on indices such as same sex marriage, interracial marriage, and teen dating violence.

Explaining the need for such a resource, La CORPS Féministe is concerned about ongoing funding cuts to Canada’s public health system, which is leaving people – and women in particular – with limited choices, and exposed to vast quantities of information generated by pharmaceutical companies. All of this is compounded by the absence of sexual health education in school and colleges.

The French booklet will offer scientific information about women’s health. It will also present women’s experiences from a critical feminist perspective, gathered via individual and group interviews with women served by allied organizations in the community. This includes First Nation women’s groups and women with disabilities, interview questions for which were customized to document their unique experiences and needs, specifically those related to parenthood.

Interview questions have also been posted on La CORPS Féministe’s website, resulting in upwards of 30 submissions, and a workshop guide focused on relationships developed for the same purpose is being used by allies to engage with communities they serve.

La CORPS Féministe’s commitment to diversity is impressive – from corralling different allies to envision the scope and focus of the French materials to the inclusion of women’s voices from as many sectors of Canadian society as possible.

The manuscript is currently under review by a publisher.


Email: lacorpsfeministe [AT]