PUBLICATIONCover of the Uganda edition of "Our Bodies, Ourselves"

Omubiri Gwaffe Bwe Bulamu Bwaffe (2017)

Translation: Our Bodies Ourselves




An adaptation of “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” in the Luganda language for Uganda, was published in 2017 by Diana Namumbejja Abwoye, a nurse practitioner student at Boston’s Simmons College. Editor Florence Namukabya and reviewer Laureen Ndagire also contributed to the book.

Based on the 2011 edition, the Luganda booklet covers topics related to identity, relationships, sexuality, birth control, safer sex, pregnancy and birth. These topics were selected because of their direct – and critical – impact on women’s lives in Uganda.

The booklet is adapted to the Ugandan cultural context, including: “slang” terms commonly used by Ugandan women; first person stories shared by Ugandan women; and the omission of some issues related to the LGBTQ+ community – due to cultural proscriptions and the need for broad-based support and use of the publication – but the inclusion of information on sexual self care for same sex couples to also ensure their safety.

Available free in the community, the booklet is mainly distributed via hair salons, women’s groups/ clubs, and market places. It is also available online and used extensively by Abwoye in her ongoing work to increase access to health and sexuality information among teen and HIV positive mothers in Uganda.

In November 2017, Abwoye spoke with OBOS on the impetus for the booklet – on how the original book changed her life and propelled her to develop a Lugandan version for her country. Read the blog.


The full Lugandan adaptation is available online.


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