Affordable Housing Initiative for LGBTQ+ Older Adults

Two elderly women drink coffee together in a kitchen. One has a gray hair and is wearing a tan sweater. The other has white hair and is wearing a white sweater with their black stripes. Cottonbro Studio/Pexels

LGBTQ+ older adults need housing options that are affordable and welcoming. Sage’s National LGBTQ+ Elder Housing Initiative works to provide it by building LGBTQ+ friendly housing in New York City, fighting housing discrimination policies, training eldercare providers to be LGBTQ+ culturally competent, educating LGBTQ+ older adults about their housing rights, and helping builders across the U.S. replicate LGBTQ+ friendly housing. This site includes a resource library for housing for LGBTQ+ older adults and access to various reports on LGBTQ+ aging.

“One of the most significant concerns for LGBTQ+ elders is safe, affordable housing. According to an Equal Rights Center report, 48% of older same-sex couples applying for elder housing were subjected to discrimination. Discrimination puts LGBTQ+ elders at greater risk for chronic health problems, social isolation, poverty, and premature mortality.”