Amaze Videos: Sexuality and Media

An Asian girl sits on a couch and scrolls on her phone. She has braids in her hair and is wearing a grey sweatshirt. Katerina Holmes/Pexels

The following videos from Amaze explore topics concerning sexuality and media, like sexting and social media’s impact on self-image. They are geared towards young people, aged nine to fifteen.

Sexting: What Should You Do?

It’s important that you’re mindful about the messages and photos you send to someone you may be romantically or sexually attracted to. While it may seem fun, sexting can have many serious consequences, including harassment or legal implications. You should always be respectful when showing interest to someone and how you communicate with them via text.


Self Image and Social Media

Social media can be great and fun; however, it can also negatively impact your self-image and self-esteem. While all can seem perfect, social media often masks reality. If you feel anxious, depressed, or hurt after being on social media, it is important that you set boundaries with social media.