Abortion and Contraception Quick Links

Protest in Washington, D.C. in support of abortion rights. Close up on a protest sign. A blue trimmed sign says "Protect Abortion Access" Gayatri Malhotra/Unsplash

In light of the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (2022), which overturned Roe v. Wade (1973), we reaffirm everyone’s right to bodily autonomy. Abortion is healthcare; access to safe and legal abortion is a human right.

If you are in need of access to, or have question about, abortion and contraception, this list of resources is a good place to start.


If/When/How Repro Legal Helpline

The Repro Legal Helpline can answer your questions about the legal status of self-managed abortions in your state, about abortion services for people under the age of 18, and other questions about your right to an abortion.

I Need an A – Find Abortion Clinics Near You

Find abortion clinics based on your age, location, how long you’ve been pregnant, and the type of abortion you hope to receive. This web tool also offers the names of local organizations that can assist a patient based on the clinics they choose.

How to Use Abortion Pills

Medication abortion, also called the “abortion pill,” is a safe way to end a pregnancy in the first trimester. This resource responds to several frequently asked questions about how to take, and what to expect with, the abortion pill.

How Do I Get the Abortion Pill?

Planned Parenthood has a search tool that allows you to find a local clinic to obtain a medication abortion. Even if your closest Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer this service, they can direct you to places that do.

Can I Have an Abortion at Home?

Plan C is an information campaign focused on the self-directed option of abortion pills by mail. At this site you can find pills and information on how to manage your abortion at home.

World Health Organization – Abortion Key Facts

This fact sheet from the World Health Organization outlines noteworthy facts and statistics regarding abortion around the globe.

A Podcast on Self-Managed Abortions

This podcast series explores different aspects of self-managed abortions, including medical information, the legal landscape, and how technology is changing what self-managed abortions look like.

Fake Abortion Clinic Database

Fake, anti-abortion clinics exist to mislead and shame people seeking abortion care. Reproaction’s Fake Clinic Database shows the locations of these so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” across the United States.


Birth Control Comparison Chart

This birth control comparison chart from Planned Parenthood provides you with the opportunity to learn about different birth control options.

Alternatives to the Morning After Pill

A high dose of certain types of birth control pills can be taken in place of the morning after pill as a form of emergency contraception. This approach, called the Yuzpe method, can be safe and effective when done correctly.

Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARCS)

LARCs are long-lasting and effective.

Birth Control: For Your Life

Young women share their experiences with different birth control methods, including IUDs, the implant, shot, pill, ring, patch, condoms, and emergency contraception.