Contraceptive Deserts

An image of a map of the United States on a hardwood table John-Mark Smith/Pexels

Over 19 million women in the United States who depend on publicly funded contraception live in a contraceptive desert, meaning that they don’t have access to a health center that provides the full range of contraceptive methods. From the organization Power to Decide, this interactive map and accompanying fact sheets detail the number of health clinics by county and the number of women living in them. You can also use the health center finder option to locate centers near you that provide the full range of contraceptive methods or abortion options.

“Around 1.2 million of these women live in a county without a single health center offering the full range of methods. For all of these women getting contraception means having to do more than showing up to an appointment. They must find a babysitter, take time off work, or travel long distances to access their preferred birth control method. And they’re not alone.”