Domestic Abuse is an Economic Issue

A woman sits against a wall with her bare back to the camera. A man's fist is a few feet away. Anete Lusina/Pexels

Poverty and economic inequality can make women vulnerable to domestic abuse. Women may endure economic abuse or may hesitate to leave a relationship that is abusive because they are financially dependent on their partner. This article highlights the many economic challenges women face and provides policy recommendations that promote economic equality and independence.

“Often, economic equality and safety from violence against women and girls are seen as separate issues.

However, gender norms, inadequate public services, the gender pay gap and downright discrimination all contribute to women’s disadvantaged position in the economy. Women do more unpaid work around the house and by taking care of children and frail adults. This means they earn less, own less and are more likely to be poor.

Women are therefore more likely to be financially dependent on someone else or on the state. The erosion of the state’s welfare safety net and increasingly stringent access rules have a disproportionate impact on women. Women are placed in a precarious economic position that has a knock-on effect on their safety.”–-its-victims-and-society