Get Involved: Pregnancy and Childbirth

A close up of a person's red shirt with the text "Volunteer" written in white


To get involved with activism that supports pregnancy and childbirth with dignity, safety, and freedom, our experts recommend that you explore the following organizations. These recommendations are not necessarily endorsements, since organizations can change over time, and it’s important to find a group that fits your values.


March for Moms

March for Moms aligns the advocacy efforts of families, health care providers, industry, policymakers, and other partners in order to ensure that all families can grow with dignity. They provide a Maternal Advocacy Toolkit to enable people to advocate for the rights of mothers and birthing people, and they host an annual march in Washington, D.C.


National Birth Equity Collaborative

The National Birth Equity Collaborative creates transnational solutions that optimize Black maternal, infant, sexual, and reproductive wellbeing. They work in research, advocacy, policy, and media to fight for Black maternal justice.


Philadelphia Midwife Collective

The Philadelphia Midwife Collective is an independent midwifery practice providing reproductive health services in Philadelphia with a focus on equity and social justice. They also host in-person support groups, such as their free weekly infant feeding support group.


White Ribbon Alliance

The White Ribbon Alliance advocates for women’s and girls’ health, rights, and gender equality by asking women what they want, listening to their responses and ideas, and taking action accordingly. The Alliance works internationally, supporting women’s campaigns that advocate for policy change around maternal and reproductive healthcare from Malawi to Nigeria to Pakistan.