How to Get Birth Control: A State-by-State Guide

Different types of birth control on a blue table Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition/Unsplash

It can be difficult to navigate the laws around contraception and abortion in an ever-changing legal landscape. This state-by-state guide provides an overview of the laws and policies around contraception in each state and ways to secure birth control and emergency contraception.

“[Callie Wells, policy counsel at Planned Parenthood Federation of America] believes that contraceptive access isn’t in imminent danger. ‘But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t state legislators who are hostile to those rights and trying to do things to chip away at access,’ she says. ‘Because of that, she says, women should ‘be aware of what’s going on.’ With that in mind, here’s a state-by-state breakdown of birth control access as it stands today—and how it could change in the future.”

Note: This was published in March 2023, and the particular laws listed for each state may no longer be accurate. However, this article provides extremely detailed and useful information about resources available in each state, as well as helpful information overall to help us better understand the legal landscape around contraception. For up-to-date information on birth control in the states, we recommend the Guttmacher Institute: