Personal Stories of Women Who Have Had Abortions

By Our Bodies Ourselves | May 11, 2014

Hearing women’s stories of having an abortion can help us know what to expect and reassure us that our experiences are not unique.

  • I knew from the moment I found out that I didn’t want to carry the pregnancy to term, but I was overwhelmed by images everywhere telling me that it was “wrong” to consider abortion. When I searched for information on the Internet, I was bombarded by religious websites with brutal pictures of aborted fetuses. When I tried to go to my friends for help, I was told they were “so excited” and couldn’t wait for me to have a baby… read more
  • Way too excited to sleep on that frigid April morning, I snuggled my bloated belly up to my husband, Dave. Eighteen weeks pregnant, today we would finally have our full-fetal ultrasound and find out whether our baby was a boy or a girl. I had no reason to be nervous… read more
  • If I had listened to the subway ads for postabortion trauma counseling or the men at the clinic brandishing rosaries and yelling racist pleas not to “kill your black/Hispanic/Oriental baby,” things would be different. I would not hold a degree, and I would not be building a career. My child’s father would have been a man who sexually, emotionally, and mentally abused me… read more

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One in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. Read more stories here and here.