Reproductive Justice is the Right to Self Determination

Three Black women smiling at a protest. They are holding Planned Parenthood signs that say "We March for Women's Health" “February 2014 Moral March On Raleigh 1” by Stephen Melkisethian/Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0:

In this video, Monica Simpson, the Executive Director of SisterSong, explains the reproductive justice movement as fighting for “the right to self-determine.”

“As executive director of SisterSong, the largest multi-ethnic reproductive justice collective in the United States, Monica Simpson shares the organization’s mission and how it supports women to take control over their futures. ‘Reproductive justice is a framework that women of color have been organizing with to bring our communities together around the issues that impact us the most. It is a framework that’s intersectional. It advocates for the human right to have the children that we want, to not have children, and to end pregnancies or to have access to the contraceptives that we need to determine how we want to make a family or not. Overall, reproductive justice is about the human right to self-determine, the ability to be able to live free from fear and violence and so that we are able to have healthy lives, and to grow and to live into our destinies.’ –Monica Simpson”