FAQs about C-sections

An Asian woman lies in bed on white sheets next to a baby in a white onesie Kevin Liang/Unsplash

A guide for pregnant people on Cesarean births, also known as C-sections, with answers to frequently asked questions, questions to ask your birth team, and more. What are the possible benefits and harms of C-sections versus vaginal births? Which is safer, and what should you consider in deciding between them? What is it like to experience a Cesarean section, during and after birthing? What should you do if your doctor or midwife tells you that you need a C-section?

“About one in three women has a C-section. Experts agree that’s too many.

Not all C-sections can be prevented, but many can. Being actively involved in decision making if a C-section is offered is one way to prevent a C-section that you may not want or need. But there are many more ways, especially if you plan ahead. “