Where to Find Birth Control Information Online

By OBOS Birth Control Contributors | April 28, 2014
Last Revised on Mar 10, 2016

The following websites offer accurate and up‑to-date information on birth control.

  • Bedsider is a free support network that provides sex-positive and nonjudgmental information about birth control methods. The site profiles different women and their birth control methods, allows users to find and rate clinics, and offers tools to help you find the right birth control and learn how to use it consistently and effectively.
  • Planned Parenthood provides information on all birth control methods and allows you to find a Planned Parenthood clinic where you can discuss your options and get birth control.
  • Method Match has an online tool to sort and compare birth control methods by criteria such as whether it contains hormones, offers STI protection, and requires a health care provider visit or presex preparation.
  • Emergency Contraception Website has information on the different kinds of emergency birth control available and where and how to get it.
  • Cervical Barrier Advancement Society has info on diaphragms, caps, sponges, and female condoms.
  • Sex, Etc. provides honest and accurate sexual health information to teens about birth control and condoms.

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