Why Feminists Need to Build Wealth

An older white woman with curly hair in a pink sweater and pink skirt who is also wearing sunglasses holds $50 bills in both hands. The bills are fanned out as though they are a fan. She is sitting in a chair with plants behind her, and there is a pink light to the left and a blue light to the right. Ron Lach/Pexels

This blog post argues that it is essential for women to accumulate savings, net worth, and wealth to care for ourselves and our families as we age and to change the patriarchal culture we are fighting. Author and entrepreneur Kelly Diels highlights ethical and movement buliding considerations about building wealth as an intersectional feminist, while navigating root-level critiques about the nature of capitalism and extreme wealth.

“You can only take your place at the wall, the BBQ, the canvas, the daycare, if you are materially sustained. You can only donate your cash to the cause if you’ve got it. You can only amplify the voices of others if people are already accustomed to hearing yours.”