Women: Avoid a Holiday Heart Attack

A woman with curly hair in a gray sparkly sweater and black leather pants sits in a chair as she lays her head on a table as though tired. The table has holiday decor: red candles and small fir trees. Leeloo The first/Pexels

In this article, learn how stress, especially during the holiday season, can lead to heart issues for women. Read about the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease that are often ignored by women and get helpful tips for what you can do before, during, and after the holiday season to maintain your heart health:

“For many women, the holiday season brings the most cherished moments in their lives, but also it can be among the most stressful time of year. Often this is because people carry expectations influenced by memories and societal pressures ― a smiling happy family photo on holiday cards, the smell of grandma’s home cooking at Hanukkah, seeing a Christmas tree lit or singing your favorite Kwanzaa song. These sights, smells and sounds of the season in homes become the mental representations that people measure their happiness and satisfaction. However, these visions don’t always match reality, and that can lead to stress.”

Note: This article is also applicable to those who play a traditionally “woman’s” holiday role and those whose bodies are outside the cis male standard that heart medicine is based on.