Jane Kates Pincus

Jane Kates Pincus is a founding member of Our Bodies Ourselves and co-author of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” She continued to write for and edit chapters in successive editions up through and including the 2005 edition.

In 1970, along with four other women, Jane made a 26-minute film, “Abortion,” just when abortions were becoming legal. As her family — husband, daughter, son and dog — moved to Vermont, she continued to advocate for women- and family-centered maternity care, and has edited books on the subject.

She has written book and video reviews for the perinatal journal BIRTH, presented before a variety of nursing and medical classes and women’s groups, and testified at the Statehouse when necessary to advocate for crucial women’s health issues, such as freedom of choice and the advancement of midwifery.

Jane continues to live in Vermont; Edward, her husband of 53 years, died in 2013. Her daughter, Sami; son, Ben; daughter-in-law, Heidi; and three grandsons — Jordan, Caleb and Kai — live nearby. Her Friesian mare, Lobke, will soon be 27 years old.


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