Paula Doress-Worters

Paula Doress WortersPaula Doress-Worters is a founding member of Our Bodies Ourselves and co-author of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

Her participation began at the first workshop “Women and Control of Our Bodies” at the Female Liberation Conference at Emanuel College in 1969, and the subsequent group discussions and research leading to the first OBOS courses, the first newsprint edition in 1971, and all editions of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” up to and including “Our Bodies Ourselves for the New Century” (1998).

She wrote on topics including the physical and psychological changes of postpartum, feminist women in relationships with men, and women growing older. She was co-author of “Ourselves and Our Children” (1978) and senior editor of “The New Ourselves Growing Older: Women Aging with Knowledge and Power” (1987, 1994).

Since 1998, Paula has been a resident scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) of Brandeis University, where she researched and published “Mistress of Herself: The Life and Work of Ernestine L. Rose, Early Women’s Rights Leader” (Feminist Press, 2008). 

She is working on a memoir of her early life leading up to her participation in social justice movements of the 1960s, the women’s movement, and Our Bodies Ourselves.