Ruth Davidson Bell Alexander

Ruth Bell AlexanderRuth Davidson Bell Alexander, a founding member of Our Bodies Ourselves,  is a writer, elementary math tutor, political activist, organic gardener, wife, mother of two, and grandmother of three.

She grew up in Staten Island, N.Y., spent her pre-teen and teen years in Los Angeles, her college years at UC Berkeley, her post-grad years in Cambridge, and her early years as a young wife in Bedford, Mass.

In 1969, very pregnant with her first child, she attended the Women and Their Bodies workshop at MIT. Sitting on that floor with 20 or 30 other women, she finally felt rooted.

Ruth has spent many years working with teenagers, helping them to accept and feel good about themselves as they grow into adults. Her book, “Changing Bodies, Changing Lives” (1998), was a direct outgrowth of that work and of her experience being part of the Our Bodies Ourselves collective.

She is also the author of “Number Jugglers” and “Fraction Jugglers,” two number game books that help children learn to enjoy math. One of the games, “The Number Ladder Game,” will soon be coming out as a mobile app.

In 2018, Ruth said of her experiences with Our Bodies Ourselves: 

Being one of the original founders of Our Bodies Ourselves has been an extraordinary experience for me — full of learning and friendship. As we all worked together to create the first book, I learned more and more clearly how to feel comfortable with myself as a woman, a wife, a mother and a friend. Even now, having stayed involved with the creation and continuing life of Our Bodies Ourselves as well as the continuing work of keeping the book current, working with this wonderful group of women, has been an extraordinary experience for me, teaching me so much, even now, so many years later. The book continues to help me be true to myself as I age.