Our Bodies Ourselves Today is a new spin on an old faithful

November 21, 2022 • Boston.com • By Madeleine Aitken

Screenshot of the Boston.com article with the headline "Our Bodies Ourselves Today is a new spin on an old faithful"

Boston.com spoke with Program Director Saniya Ghanoui about Our Bodies Ourselves Today:

Amid a rocky political landscape that includes the loss of access to rights including abortion, plus restrictions on information like banned books, getting information to people is more important than ever, she said.

“We know that information and education is power — if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t be trying to stop it,” Ghanoui said. “It’s really important that folks have access to this information. We know there are challenges right now and there will be challenges ahead and we are doing everything in our power to confront those and make sure people have access to this information that they need.”