Media Contact

For Surrogacy360 inquiries:
Ayesha Chatterjee, Program Manager, OBOS Global Initiative
ayesha [AT]
phone: 617-245-0200

For all other media inquiries: 
Julie Childers, Executive Director
julie [AT]
phone: 617-245-0200

Organization Name

Our Bodies Ourselves — no punctuation — is the name of the organization (formerly Boston Women’s Health Book Collective).

“Our Bodies, Ourselves” — with a comma after Bodies — is the name of the book.


  • Visit Publications for info on the most recent edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” and single-topic books.
  • Visit Global Projects to learn more about women’s groups that have translated or adapted “Our Bodies, Ourselves” for their own communities. As of 2016, the book has been reproduced in 30 languages, with more adaptations underway.
  • Visit the History section to learn more about OBOS’s founders and to view the original edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”