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‘No Victories Are Permanent,’ Recalls Film About Feminism’s Beginnings

RH Reality Check | November 20, 2014

“She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry” heralds the amazing work of Chicago’s Jane Collective, a well-trained group of laywomen who performed approximately 11,000 abortions between 1969 and 1973; the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, which first published “Our Bodies, Ourselves” as a newsprint pamphlet in 1971; and the intrepid organizing that pushed the Supreme Court to issue its Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

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If You Really Care About Girls, Stop Saying They’re ‘Too Fat’! It Can Lead to Obesity

TakePart | May 1, 2014

Experts agree that the key to talking to girls about their bodies and health is not focusing on “fat” but on another f-word, “fun.” Family members being healthy and active help too, said Judy Norsigian, executive director of the nonprofit organization Our Bodies Ourselves, whose women’s health tome by the same name has been translated into 25 languages since it was published in 1970.

“Positive reinforcement is better than shaming,” said Norsigian. “Your body is your temple. The focus should be about … More

For Transgender People, a Massive New Resource

AP | May 1, 2014

Encyclopedic in scope, conversational in tone, and candid about complex sexual issues, the Oxford University Press book being released in mid-May is titled “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves” — a deliberate echo of a pioneering feminist health-resource book, “Our Bodies, Ourselves” that appeared more than 40 years ago.

The new book’s editor, New York University psychiatrist Laura Erickson-Schroth, writes in the preface about reading her mother’s copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” as a 12-year-old.

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DNA Alternative to Pap Smear Sparks Medical Debate

Bloomberg Businessweek | April 15, 2014

A high-tech screening tool for cervical cancer is facing pushback from more than a dozen patient groups, who warn that the genetic test could displace a simpler, cheaper and more established mainstay of women’s health: the Pap smear.

But a number of women’s groups — including the American Medical Women’s Association and Our Bodies Ourselves — warn that moving to a DNA-based testing model would be a “radical shift” in medical practice that could lead to confusion, higher costs and overtreatment.

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The Joy of Less Sex?

The Boston Globe | March 26, 2014

Twombly encapsulates the essence of what’s missing in so many diatribes: Less sex — or less intense sex — is only a problem if both partners think it is. Newton’s Judy Norsigian co-authored every edition of the landmark book “Our Bodies, Ourselves” since the 1970s.

“Some researchers have found that the very same woman will experience different phases through her life cycle, sometimes going through a horny period with lots of interest in sex and sometimes not being interested at all. … More

21 Extraordinary Women Who Changed Sex Forever

Huffington Post | March 26, 2014

In 1969, 12 women met at a conference in Boston and swapped stories about their past experiences with doctors, as well as their own bodily know-how. The get-together proved so fruitful that one year later, those women (who would soon become known as The Boston Women’s Health Collective), issued a 193-page booklet called “Women and Their Bodies,” (which would soon became known as “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” a bestseller and the bible for information on women’s health and sexuality for many generations).

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Women’s Health Movement and Health Care Reform Experts Weigh In

VitaminW | March 21, 2014

“We are a very rich country, but we have rationed healthcare in a way that is unconscionable.” Judy Norsigian, Our Bodies Ourselves co-founder and executive director, doesn’t hold back in this discussion on women’s health with Sonia Pressman Fuentes, National Organization for Women (NOW) co-founder.

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Are We Protecting Young Women from Dangers We Expose Them To?

Cooch Coach | March 19, 2014

Now with everything available to everyone on the Internet, including the raunchiest of pornography, we are definitely exposing our young people to dangers we are not protecting them from. The misconceptions must be corrected. Are we going to make healthy information easily available, with the same level of promotion and advertising that brings pornography to their screens? Are we going to provide easy access to the clinics and support services that young women need to stay informed and healthy?

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Our Bodies, Ourselves: Judy Norsigian on Women’s Health in America

Paperblog | March 17, 2014

OBOS had (and continues to have) an indelible mark on history, demystifying women’s bodies and creating an environment where women could begin to ask questions and understand themselves better. Women like Norsigian continue OBOS’s mission, working to ensure that public health decisions are based off of good science and research. I am so grateful to live in a world where there are activists working to ensure that my health is taken care of.

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