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Living Myths About Virginity

The Atlantic | Feb. 7, 2014

While sites like Scarleteen, an independent sex-education website founded in 1998, are devoted to providing accurate, non-judgmental information to young people, Zeldes says she’s concerned by the number of Google search results and general information sites that describe the hymen as a tissue that completely covers the vaginal opening, one that tears and bleeds.

“There are a tremendous number of women who don’t understand how their bodies work and what happens when they are sexually active,” says Zeldes, who adds that “hymen” … More

Song of ‘Ourselves’

The Jewish Daily Forward | January 15, 2014

Did this mean I could know my body, but hide it from the world? That doesn’t fall far from one understanding of religious modesty: women hide themselves for and from others. But OBOS insisted that there was no “women and their bodies” — only us, “we.” We girls in the pool, breathless with our own speed. We, a pronoun that witnesses.

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Interview with Judy Norsigian, Founder of Our Bodies Ourselves

Manifesta | October 28, 2013

Judy Norsigian, Radcliffe ’70, is the executive director and cofounder of Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS). Originally called the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, OBOS is a global nonprofit that promotes accurate, evidence-based information on girls’ and women’s reproductive health and sexuality, and addresses the social, economic, and political conditions that affect health care access and quality of care. In 1971, OBOS published a pamphlet about women’s health titled Our Bodies, Ourselves. Still in print today, Our Bodies, Ourselves has been an invaluable … More

Fisher Center: Our Bodies, Ourselves

Hobart and William Smith News | September 5, 2013

The goal of this year’s Fisher Center programming is to treat “Our Bodies, Ourselves” as a critical lens, a point of reference, and an analytical framework for further discussion. “‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ evokes the collective excitement of women conducting their own research on their bodies, the culture of autonomous political organization, and the audacity of sexualities that exceed normalizing constraints,” wrote Professor of Political Science Jodi Dean, last year’s Fisher Center Director in outlining this year’s programming.

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Our Bodies Ourselves: Women (and Men) Unite

Andrea Hylen Blog | June 30, 2013

Seeing the original cover of the book connects me to so many feelings. It was the first time I really felt seen and cared for as a woman. It was the first time I had the idea that I could ask for better care, like a warmed up speculum or a less invasive procedure. It was a book about women empowering ourselves through knowledge, awareness and uniting together with our VOICES.

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Our Bodies, Ourselves (1973), by the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective

The Embryo Project | June 27, 2013

Throughout the book, the authors highlight 4 themes. The first theme is that individual experiences told in personal stories are just as important as books and physicians as resources for understanding women’s health and reproductive lives. The second theme is to teach women to make use of their knowledge as they deal with healthcare. The third theme is that knowledge about one’s body can dispel many mysteries that may lead to health complications. According to the authors, some major consequences … More

Women in Research

People & Perspectives | June 2013

Judy Norsigian recounts her introduction to the founding concepts of Our Bodies, Ourselves, her involvement with PRIM&R and issues that are specific to female subjects in clinical research.

Watch the full interview: Women in Research

Congress to Get Copies of Feminist Book

The Orange County Register | January 17, 2013

The nonprofit organization that publishes the book “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” plans to deliver a copy to all 535 members of Congress.

Judy Norsigian, founder and executive director of the group Our Bodies, Ourselves, says the timing is perfect, considering the many questionable claims made by political candidates during the 2012 campaign.

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American Voices: Judy Norsigian

Need to Know on PBS | December 7, 2012

Judy Norsigian: The Library of Congress recently named Our Bodies, Ourselves as one of 88 books that shaped America. It’s had a profound impact on our consciousness, on the — ability of women to see the importance of asking questions, not to just take whatever a doctor says.

Listen to the full interview: American Voices: Judy Norsigian


40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Attacks on Access to Reproductive Health

Radcliffe Institute, In The News | October 25, 2012

Abortion restrictions recently passed in the United States—such as waiting periods, unnecessary requirements and restrictions on funding, and state-mandated counseling that sometimes includes misinformation—disproportionately affect young, poor, and rural women.

Norsigian noted that attacks on reproductive health care stateside have an impact beyond our borders. New regulations that block funding for contraceptives have an effect on HIV/AIDS and maternal mortality rates in countries to which the United States provides aid.

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