Our Work Today

Our Bodies Ourselves is currently a volunteer-led nonprofit that advocates for women’s health and social justice and provides limited technical support to global partners working on adaptations of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

In 2018, the board, founders, and staff of Our Bodies Ourselves came to the difficult decision that the organization no longer had the resources or infrastructure to continue its main programs using paid staff. While the 2011 edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” remains in print, there are currently no plans to update or revise the book.

The organization continues to maintain the OBOS website, which features materials about the history and legacy of the organization, excerpts from U.S. and global editions of “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” health content created for the site over the years, and occasional new blog posts. However, health content is no longer being updated.

To find out more about OBOS’s current activities, see the following: