Our Bodies Ourselves 2011 cover

“Our Bodies, Ourselves” has long been referred to as the “women’s health bible.” The most recent edition, published in 2011, was selected by Library Journal as one of the best consumer health books of the year.

In addition to providing evidence-based information reviewed by medical experts, all of OBOS’s books address the political, economic and social forces that shape women’s health. Each title also includes personal stories and experiences, along with resources for additional support and political engagement.

As of June 2018, the organization has transitioned to a volunteer-led organization and has no plans to update “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

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“Our Bodies, Ourselves” titles are available at a 70 percent discount to health clinics and nonprofit organizations providing health counseling services. Simon & Schuster requires the purchaser to provide a statement, filed with a state or federal agency, indicating health services or health education as a primary purpose of the purchaser, and an IRS license number for tax exemption. A minimum of 12 copies must be purchased per order; copies cannot be offered for resale.

To place an order, contact Simon & Schuster’s Special Sales department: 212-698-2105

Examination and Review Copies

If you are a professor, you can request an examination copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” titles in the academic resources section of the Simon & Schuster website.

If you work in the media and would like a review copy, please contact Simon & Schuster’s publicity department.