Table of Contents

Excerpts from “Sacrificing Our Selves for Love”

Sacrificing Our Selves for Love (cover, 1996)by Jane Wegscheider Hyman and Esther Rome, in cooperation with The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective. © Crossing Press: 1996.


Part 1: Trying to Look Different

Chapter 1: Self-Starvation

    The Power of Slenderness, Low-Calorie Dieting, Anorexia and Bulimia, Fighting Back

Chapter 2: Help for Women with Eating Disorders

    Self-Help, Outside Help

Chapter 3: Changing Our Bodies Through Surgery

    The Pressure to Have Cosmetic Surgery, The Risks Associated with Cosmetic Surgery, Medical Cosmeticians? Competition for Our Bodies

Chapter 4: Caveat Emptor: Shopping for a Cosmetic Surgeon

    Deciphering the Ads, Choosing a Surgeon, Checking on Certification, Choosing a Facility

Chapter 5: Inflating Our Image: Breast Implants

    Beauty and the Beast, The Implants, Known and Suspected Complications, Suspected Long-Term Risks, Why Were We Misled?

Chapter 6: Accepting Ourselves

    Breaking the Cycle, Challenging the Media, Body Image Exercises

Part II: Living in Abusive Relationships

Chapter 7: Intimate Abuse

    Myths that Contribute to Intimate Abuse, Examples of Abuse, The Lasting Effects of Abuse, The Mind of an Abuser, Can Batterers Change?, The Changes We Need, Raising Our Awareness

Chapter 8: About Rape

    Myths and Reality, The Social Underpinnings of Rape, The Mind of a Rapist, The Failure of the Legal System, What to Do if You Are Raped

Chapter 9: Saving Ourselves

    Helping Ourselves, Reaching Out, If You Think You May Be in Danger, If You Need to Go to the Emergency Room, Should You Leave? The Effects o Abuse on Children, Life After Abuse: Women’s Voices, Changing Our Communities

Part III: Dying For Love

Chapter 10: The Costs of Physical Love

    Subservience in the Bedroom, Cervical Cancer, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, HIV and AIDS, The Government’s Educational Efforts, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You, Can We Rely on Our Doctors? The Need for Social Change, Taking Action

Chapter 11: Choosing Ourselves

    Deciding What to Do, Making Safer Sex Part of Your Life, Guidelines for Safer Sex, Detection and Treatment of Sexually Transmissible Diseases


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