Kay Zakariasen

Kay Zakariasen graduated from the University of Minnesota, served in the Peace Corps, came home to work in an inner-city school for 10 years, and then worked as the picture editor of Natural History Magazine for 25 years.

When she had a bladder infection, Kay followed the treatment three urologists prescribed. Horrible, relentless symptoms began, with a diagnosis of IC/PBS that she feared had been brought on by the treatment.

Kay turned to a new urologist, Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler, and together they have surveyed 2,000 patients, and many more participated in urological trials. Many patients said that their treatment did not work and in fact made them sicker. The proof, says Kay, is in their letter to the American Urological Association.

So what can patients do? An upcoming document will explain that there are many causes of our symptoms, and there is successful, noninvasive treatment. Visit CystitisPatientSurvey.com for more information.