Margaret Lazarus

Margaret Lazarus is a documentary film director and producer and and is the executive director of Cambridge Documentary Films.

Her films include: “Taking Our Bodies Back,” the first film on the women’s health movement; “Rape Culture,” the first use of the term and exploration of the issue; “Killing us Softly”; “Still Killing us Softly”; “The Strength to Resist: Advertising’s Impact on Women and Girls”; “Pink Triangles”; “Eugene Debs and the American Movement”; “The Last Empire: U.S. Intervention and the Nuclear Doctrine”; “Defending Our Lives,” Academy Award winning documentary on domestic violence; “Strong at the Broken Places: Transforming Trauma into Recovery”; “Rape is”; “BirthMarkings” about women’s post-birth bodies; and seven other films.

Margaret has co-authored the “Violence Against Women” chapter in many editions of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” and is a life-long activist and peer counselor in the struggle against violence against women, children and oppressed groups.