Norman P. Spack, MD

Norman P. Spack is the co-founder of the Gender Management (GeMS) Service at Boston Children’s Hospital, the first program in North America to medically treat transgender youth.

A graduate of Williams College and University of Rochester School of Medicine, he trained in pediatrics at Boston City and Children’s Hospitals and did fellowships in adolescent medicine and endocrinology at Children’s.

He co-founded the first private practice in adolescent medicine in New England and returned to Children’s fulltime as clinical director of endocrinology.

A frequent speaker about transgenderism and advocate for medical treatment and anti-discrimination laws, he has treated over 250 transgender adults and 250 adolescents.

Norman trained a significant percent of the directors of new pediatric programs for transgender youth. He has been featured in every form of media in the United States, Canada and the UK, and has received many awards, including a Bicentennial Medal from Williams College in 2012.