Sophia Moradian

Sophia Moradian holds dual degrees in international and Middle East studies, with an economics concentration, from Boston College.

She is currently a MPhil student in the Department of International Development at the University of Oxford. Her thesis research centers on the role and impact of technology incubators and techno-parks on technology businesses in Armenia.

Outside of the United States and UK, Sophia has lived in Jordan, Armenia and Singapore. During her time in Jordan, Sophia studied Arabic and worked on issues related to forced migration in the Levant region.

She also conducted research for the School of Business and Management in Armenia, exploring the risk factors for business success and failure among beneficiaries of micro loans.

Sophia’s interests lie in the study of mechanisms for institution building, state-business relationships, and the intersection of technology, industrial development, and civil society. She is passionate about swimming, yoga, hiking and maintaining healthy lifestyle.