Our Bodies, Our Stories

Personal stories and experiences have long been an essential part of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” publications. Read stories here and submit your own!

Sexual Abuse Colored my View of Men

By Hazel Larkin |
I remember the first time someone called me racist. A motorcycle courier, picking up a package from my work, had twigged that the … More

No One Asked Me What I Wanted

By Anonymous |
I knew from the moment I found out that I didn’t want to carry the pregnancy to term, but I was overwhelmed by … More

Nature Does Not Work on Our Time Clock

By Kathleen O’Grady |
For more than eighteen years of my sexually active life, I did everything possible to keep from getting pregnant. I took the birth … More

The Home Waterbirth of Ava Skye

By Anonymous |
Submitted by a 29-year-old woman. I was exactly 38 weeks pregnant when I lost my mucus plug. It had been a healthy pregnancy, but … More

Amari’s Birth Story

By Anonymous |
Written by a 28-year-old woman. Friday, July 23rd through Sunday, July 25th, 2004. Friday night I was having some sporadic contractions. I timed … More