Our Bodies, Our Stories

Personal stories and experiences have long been an essential part of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” publications. Read stories here and submit your own!


By Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon |
Last week, I had a miscarriage. That information seems maybe too personal to be sharing on a website. But the experience of this … More

Sexual Abuse Colored my View of Men

By Hazel Larkin |
I remember the first time someone called me racist. A motorcycle courier, picking up a package from my work, had twigged that the … More

No One Asked Me What I Wanted

By Anonymous |
I knew from the moment I found out that I didn’t want to carry the pregnancy to term, but I was overwhelmed by … More

Nature Does Not Work on Our Time Clock

By Kathleen O’Grady |
For more than eighteen years of my sexually active life, I did everything possible to keep from getting pregnant. I took the birth … More

I Expected to Hear the Baby’s Heartbeat

By Catherine McKinley |
It took me eight months to conceive. Then suddenly I was having my encounter with the magical: a routine eight-week sonogram where I … More

I Claim the Right to Choose My Ultimate Gender

By Suneela Mubayi |
This essay was originally published in the 2005 edition of "Our Bodies, Ourselves." I identify as a male-to-female (or male-to-feminine androgynous) transgender or … More