My Story: Advising Anyone Who Feels Unheard by Medical Professionals

By Saniya Ghanoui —

EH gives advice on how to respond to doctors when you don’t feel heard.


OBOS Today: I wonder if you could give any advice to someone who might be in a similar situation.  

I know you mentioned finding products on Etsy and reaching out to your friends and other sources of information, but I wonder if there’s any other advice or strategies, you have for people in a similar situation? 

EH: I think to the extent that you feel comfortable and safe doing so, it is okay to push back on medical professionals and ask is that related to my condition or is that related to what I’m here for or is that necessary? 

And most folks may be a little annoyed at you, but they will answer you and may modify, right, their behavior, their recommendations, their plan of care if you push back and insist on sort of digging in for yourself around your body. 

I also just want to name that you’re not alone and you’re not crazy and like if you feel like you’ve been treated poorly or differently, you probably have been and there’s a whole community of people out there who want to support you and help guide you through the process.  

And it may not look like a traditional, you know, mom blog or you know, internet forum, and there’s still people out there who are like you and who want to support you.