My Story: Becoming Pregnant as a Nonbinary Person

By Saniya Ghanoui —

EH talks about how they felt as a non-binary person becoming pregnant.


OBOS Today: I wonder if you could talk a little bit more about—about how those experiences, how those products and just the images that you are bombarded with throughout this process—how that makes you feel?

EH: Well, I [pause] think I’m lucky enough to be able to maintain some distance from it, because this is, you know I think about gender all the time, which makes me sometimes an obnoxious person to be around.

But uh—but it also, I also just feel like kind of outside of this sphere of you know, people who have like easy pregnancies and traditional baby showers and who just sort of are able to like move into the role of motherhood without a whole lot of friction. I don’t feel like I’m part of that group.

I have a lot of you know, wonderful and supportive friends and some family. And that helps a lot, and it can feel isolating sometimes to—

And it, it feels like I’m making a big deal of it, or like I sort of like—I have my gender identity and sexual orientation for attention, or like I am, you know, claiming fatphobia where none exists right, like I feel very self-conscious about that stuff sometimes.

And that can be hard on top of what’s already an incredibly emotional and intense experience. You know, nothing in my life has been as intense physically and emotionally as the process of trying to get pregnant.