My Story: Describing My Abortion Experience

By Saniya Ghanoui —

Content warning: description of post-abortion fetus and placenta tissue.

MC recalls how her expectations of abortion lined up with her own experience. Although it was more physically painful the second time, she still felt the same way about her decision.


OBOS Today: When you went through even your first abortion having never had that experience before was, was getting that abortion, did that go so maybe you expected, or was it kind of different than how you had pictured it in your mind or how you understood what you were getting yourself into? 

MC: Yeah, I think it mostly went as expected, the second one was the one that definitely was a lot more harrowing physically, physical pain level than expected. But I’d say this is a bit graphic so, warning, trigger warning, but the one thing that was strange, for me, is, I will, I wanted to take the little thingy home but, um, I guess that’s been illegal in the state after the AIDS epidemic, that’s what they told me, I didn’t Google it to confirm that or anything. And so, I was kind of bummed out about that, so I was like, can I, at least, like look at what you remove in the little cup, and I thought that I would be able to kind of see something. But it just looked like goo and so that was a little bit graphic, and I don’t know, I’m laughing, that’s like laughing and a funeral or something but.

I’m, not that I saw, I don’t mean, I don’t think that there was a death there, I just was using that analogy of a lot of times but, um, I, yeah, that was that was strange, for me, I thought that there would be some kind of visible something or other. And I asked to see it, the second time as well I’m, like, interested in the medical field, so it was also kind of kind of curiosity, but I was definitely disappointed that I couldn’t take it home. And it was also very disappointing to me that neither time my partner could be there because it was just kind of hard to be all alone in the doctors’ offices and that was obviously that was just a COVID thing. But, yeah, it would have been nice to have somebody with me.