My Story: Discussing Body Image in Therapy

By Anne Dufault —

Therapy helped LS feel more comfortable talking about body image and less concerned with other people’s perceptions of her body.


OBOS Today: How has your experience in therapy been?

LS: Um, therapy has been really great. I think that it took me a while to talk about body image with my therapist. Like I kind of stayed away from it for so long because it was kind of the topic, and like talking about disordered eating and stuff, like that it was a topic that I was most ashamed of and most afraid to talk about, so it took me so long to be able to have conversations with her about that. But I think once I started opening it up about it with her, she gave me like a lot of strategies and kind of helped me a lot to think about like my own control over my body and my own like ability to dictate like how I want to see myself and how I like don’t have to let others influence me as much. And obviously like that doesn’t fix everything but it’s kind of been a good start to changing the way I see myself and the way I see myself kind of in relation to other people who like feel like they have the ability to like dictate how I should look or live.