My Story: Dealing with Difficult Menstrual Cycles

By Saniya Ghanoui —

CB shares her story of having difficult menstrual cycles.

OBOS Today: You said that you kind of began this journey trying to figure out what was wrong, you had a period that lasted for months and then your first experience with the doctor was not super positive or wasn’t necessarily on the same page with you.

CB: Right.

OBOS Today: What was most important? Can you speak a little bit about that?

CB: So, I’ve always had really bad menstrual, like my menstrual cycles, have always been bad like I consider myself a late bloomer. All of my friends had kind of started in middle school. I literally didn’t start to ninth grade, so I was 14 when I started but even my younger sister had started before I did.

I’ve always had like really bad menstrual cramps and I think it’s common for women to be like oh they’re just bad cramps you’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine. But it used to be so bad in high school that they knew like Oh, maybe like a week of each month Carlisa is not going to be here.

Or a few days, out of a week of each month she’s not going to be here because it was so bad, like balled up in the floor, throwing up, like just can’t get up, like it just used to be so bad.

And I remember my dad’s like you have to keep some extra clothes at school, because in one day I call him and I was like it wasn’t supposed to come to next week, like it just happened I look down this blood all over the chair, although, like it was just a mess.

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