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Current Issues

Egg Donation: Health Risks & Safety Data

Young women are increasingly being recruited to donate eggs for infertility and research purposes, though numerous health questions remain unanswered. OBOS is calling for the creation of a mandatory health registry to oversee long-term health tracking and to encourage studies that will lead to a better understanding of the risks of egg extraction. We also urge that advertisements and notices seeking women to supply eggs be required to state that long-term health risks of egg harvesting procedures are unknown. Learn what you can do >

Breast Implants: Safety and Health

Breast augmentation is hugely popular, but many women are not aware of the potential health risks and the debate about implant safety. OBOS is working with film director Carol Ciancutti-Leyva to organize screenings of the documentary “Absolutely Safe,” which covers all sides of the issue, and with the National Center for Health Research to ensure that health insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act will cover treatment and breast implant removal when it is medically necessary. Learn what you can do >

Pregnancy & Birth: Evidence-Based Care

U.S. maternity care is not based on the best available evidence, nor is it distributed equally. The question is: What can be done about it? Learn more about policies and attitudes toward pregnancy and birth, and sign on to support OBOS’s statement, Choices in Childbirth, produced in collaboration with physicians, midwives and women’s health advocates. OBOS is also encouraging support for the licensing and regulation of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs), especially in Massachusetts, where both House and Senate bills have been proposed. Learn what you can do >