Assisting Women with Obstetric Fistulas: Helen Weld

By Wendy |

Entrant: Michele Chausse

Nominee: Helen Weld, Public Health Nurse

I do not know Helen personally, but I admire her efforts to assist women with obstetric fistulas in Africa, in addition to her other volunteer activities around the world.

Pictured below Helen (back row, center) and patients.

[Ed. note: Also see Helen's blog about her work and travels:]


Courtesy of the West Africa Institute


  1. M.J. Boylan says:

    I support Michele Chausse’s nomination of Helen Weld. For those interested in learning more about the fistula clinic in Bo, Sierra Leone (and the West Africa Fistula Foundation, WAFF), see Helen’s blog: Helen has written extensively about the work of the clinic and has posted many, many photographs.

  2. Un point to fistula “as the underrepresented maternal health Problem in Africa with over one million Nigeria alone. Everyone have a role to play so what is your support in assisting women and girls? especially the irreparable patient…