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Photo of the OBOS founders receiving an Elizabeth A. Sackler “First Award”Photo of the OBOS founders receiving an Elizabeth A. Sackler “First Award”

Art Not Just For Art’s Sake

By Ayesha Chatterjee |

There are many extraordinary people among us. In October, the Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum celebrated some of them, at its first-ever Brooklyn Conference, “Art Inspiring Social Change.” OBOS’s founders were among those honored at the YES! gala preceding the conference, for their game-changing contribution to women’s health action: “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

As the founders took the stage, someone in the audience whooped, “You taught me how to masturbate!” The love in the room was real.  

The two-day conference that followed was … More

Our Bodies, Our Stories


The Home Waterbirth of Ava Skye

By Anonymous |
Submitted by a 29-year-old woman. I was exactly 38 weeks pregnant when I lost my mucus plug. It had been a healthy pregnancy, but … More
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