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Map of abortion restrictions by stateMap of abortion restrictions by state

Legally Mandated Abortion Info is Often Inaccurate


Sixty-six percent of all women seeking abortions live in states that have informed consent laws that mandate that women seeking abortion receive information on fetal development and alternatives to abortion. A new report finds that much of the information is medically inaccurate. More

three young African-American womenthree young African-American women

What’s Behind the Increased Numbers of Black Women Dying During Pregnancy and Childbirth in the United States?

By Amie Newman |

New OBOS blogger Amie Newman explores why black women in the United States are dying during pregnancy, childbirth, and the year following childbirth at nearly four times the rate of white women. While poor women are at greater risk of dying than women who have higher incomes, the disparity between black and white women is consistent at all income levels. More