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Photo: UMHealthSystem (CC)Photo: UMHealthSystem (CC)

The Push to Reduce Unnecessary C-Sections

By Amie Newman |

While cesarean sections are sometimes necessary and even life-saving, in most situations, spontaneous vaginal births are safest for both women and babies. Guest contributors Rachel Breman, Amy Romano and Carol Sakala examine what can be done to reduce the number of medically unnecessary C-sections. More


It was on the bookshelf of every hippie, woman-loving communal house in college

By Guest Contributor |

When I was ten years old, my childhood best friend read me passages from “Our Bodies, Ourselves” in a bedroom in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was her mom’s copy. Years later, I saw it on the bookshelf of every hippie, woman-loving communal house in college. It was a cultural icon for my generation, and it harked back to a to a prior era that was inspiring for us. More

Map of abortion restrictions by stateMap of abortion restrictions by state

Legally Mandated Abortion Info is Often Inaccurate


Sixty-six percent of all women seeking abortions live in states that have informed consent laws that mandate that women seeking abortion receive information on fetal development and alternatives to abortion. A new report finds that much of the information is medically inaccurate. More