Welcome, Washington Post Readers!

By Christine Cupaiuolo — October 2, 2007

A big welcome to readers who found this blog today thanks to Jennifer Huget’s story in the Washington Post about women driving online traffic to health websites.

More women than men turn to the internet for medical information, according to studies conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and market research. Our Bodies Ourselves is included in the story along with WebMD and other popular health websites.

In addition to covering those sites’ numbers and reach, Huget writes about women using email lists and online support communities to discuss their illnesses — and about her own online search for health information.

So check out the story if you haven’t already. And if you came here from WaPo, we hope you hang around for a bit — read through our blog entries and visit the health resource center for great content from Our Bodies Ourselves books and other publications.

Plus: If you’ve ever wondered about the accuracy and reliability of online health information, read Rachel’s recent post, “Can You Trust That Health Website?” Thanks again for stopping by!

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