In Their Own Words: Prefaces to Cultural Adaptations of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

The OBOS global partners who translate and adapt “Our Bodies, Ourselves” into different languages often encounter enormous obstacles. In the following prefaces to various adaptations, translated into English, the partners share their experiences, explain the great need for accessible and accurate health information in their countries, share their experiences, and examine the challenges they faced .

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preface to Nashim LeGufan
Women and Their Bodies, Israel
2011 Hebrew adaptation


Sanlaap (India) and Manavi (U.S.)
2009 Bangla adaptation


Women’s Rehabilitation Center, Nepal
2008 Nepali adaptation


Women Unlimited, India
2008, English for South Asia 


Women’s Health in St. Petersburg, Russia
2007 Russian adaptation


Alternative Culture Publishing, South Korea
2005 Korean adaptation


Tibetan Nuns Project, Tibet
2005 Tibetan adaptation


Research Group on Women and Laws in Senegal
2004, French for French-speaking Africa


Network of East-West Women, Poland
2004 Polish adaptation


The Center “Partnership for Development,” Romania
2002 Romanian adaptation


Armenian Charitable Foundation on Population Development
2001 Armenian adaptation


Women’s Health Initiative, Bulgaria
2001 Bulgarian adaptation 


Women’s Health Promotion Center, Serbia
2001 Serbian adaptation 


Cover of Nuestros Cuerpos, Nuestras Vidas (2000)
OBOS Collaboration with Caribbean, Central & South American Women’s Health Groups, U.S.
2000 Spanish adaptation


Cover of "Our Bodies, Ourselves Transformed Worldwide"
Many of the prefaces listed above have been compiled into a 2008 booklet, “OBOS Transformed Worldwide: Prefaces to Cultural Adaptations of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves.‘”