College Sexual Assault Map

A girl with dark wavy hair stands in a college campus. She is wearing glasses, has on a striped shirt, and is looking down at an iPad. Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

This is a searchable map listing college campuses across the U.S. It allows viewers to access in-depth information related to the institution’s sexual assault statistics, policies, prevention efforts, and support resources.

“This tool empowers current and prospective students, survivors, and their communities with the ability to view in-depth information on each institution’s sexual assault investigation policies, prevention efforts, and available survivor support resources as well as high-level statistics on definitions, trainings, sanctions and investigations. The map also allows users to compare these metrics between schools and gain a better understanding of what policies look like across the nation through a user-friendly interface.”

Note: Good connectivity is needed in order to navigate the map seamlessly. Also, the map doesn’t include all colleges and universities.