Reproductive Rights Organizations Fight after Roe v. Wade Reversal

October 27, 2022 • The Huntington News • By Emma Klekotka

A screenshot of the article: Local, national reproductive rights organizations continue fight after Roe v. Wade reversal. On the right is a drawing of Massachusetts with a sign in the middle that says My Body, My Choice

In the June 24 Dobbs decision, the Supreme Court determined the United States Constitution did not guarantee the right to an abortion, inciting nationwide outrage. Individuals across the country have since taken to the streets and social media in protest of the decision. While abortion remains legal in Massachusetts, for some reproductive justice agencies in the state, the decision is a reminder of why their work is important. Program Director Saniya Lee Ghanoui spoke with The Huntington News on how Our Bodies Ourselves Today responded to Dobbs and why the new website is even more critical today.