Elizabeth Kavaler, MD

Elizabeth Kavaler is an attending urologist at both Lenox Hill Hospital and New York Presbyterian, director of urogynecology at Lenox Hill Hospital, and clinical assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

She has written a book, “A Seat On The Aisle, Please!,” co-authored a chapter on the anatomy and embryology of the female urinary tract, and recently went on a medical mission to Vietnam.

Since beginning her practice, Elizabeth has been alarmed to hear stories from patients about the treatment for IC/PBS. When Kay Zakariasen (also an OBOS contributor) said she wanted to survey patients, Elizabeth suggested an online survey, and, with her team, analyzed the data from the first 750 responses.

The results, Elizabeth and Kay concluded, did not justify this invasive treatment. Their findings were published in UROLOGY in 2008, in the Newsletter of the National Women’s Health Network, and “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” For more information: CystitisPatientSurvey.com