OBOS Anatomy & Menstruation Contributors

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Anatomy & Menstruation contributors include: Chris Bobel, Heather Corinna, Hilary Gerber, Marjorie Greenfield, Christine Hitchcock, Trudy Van Hout, Martha Ellen Katz, Sheryl Kingsberg, Esther M. Leidolf, Marianne McPherson, Cathleen E. Morrow, Elizabeth Naumberg, Marcie Richardson, Evelina Sterling, Evelina Sterlinon, Elizabeth Stewart, Toni Weschler, Meg Young.

Special thanks to: Jen Chapin-Smith, Brittany Charlton, Joan Chrisler, Karen Wolf, and OBOS’s global partners: Mavi Kalem (Turkey), Women and Their Bodies (Israel), and Shokado Women’s Bookstore (Japan).