OBOS Menopause Contributors

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The following people contributed to the content on menopause and perimenopause:

Contributors: John Abramson, Janice Acton, Jeanne L. Alexander, Amy Allina, Ellen Barlow, Shannon Berning, Barbara Brenner, Ellen Bruce, William Burke, Aggie Casey, Susan Green Cooksey, Nina Coslov, Judith Costlow, Kristin DeJohn, Joan Ditzion, Barbara K. Dunn, Jean Elson, Josephine Etowa, Gloria Feldt, Wendy Garling, Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Judith Hsia, Leslee Kagan, Barbara Keddy, Rebecca Kightlinger, Katy Backes Kozhimannil, Angela Kueck, Amy Lazev, Ginny Levin, Elaine Lissner, Margaret Lock, Nancy London, Charlea T. Massion, Marianne McPherson, Vicki Meyer, Ellen Sullivan Mitchell, Margaret F. (Peggy) Moloney, Miriam E. Nelson, Patricia Noone, Patti Owen-Smith, Lenore M. Pomerance, Nancy Poole, Kimala Price, Jerilynn Prior, Jennifer Rhode, Marcie Richardson, Lenore Riddell, June Rogers, Carolyn M. Sampselle, Barbara Seaman, Susan Sered, Evelina Sterling, Moonhawk River Stone, Kristen Suthers, Mara Taub, Wendy Wolfson, Nancy Woods, Diana Zuckerman.

Special thanks to: Nancy Miller, Margaret Moloney, William (Bill) Parker, and the following OBOS partners: Sanlaap (India), Manavi (USA), Women for Empowerment, Development, and Gender Reform (Nigeria).