Shree Mulay

Shree Mulay is associate dean and professor in the Division of Community Health and Humanities in the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University, St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada.

She is on the board of Canadian Women’s Health Network and Inter Pares, an international development organization.

Shree is committed to supporting rights of women to health and social justice. She has been a critic of medicalization of women’s bodies and written about the ethics of clinical trials for non-surgical sterilization of women.

Currently, she is doing research on the long-term adverse health effects of exposure to toxic gases and contaminated water in Bhopal population; suicide in Aboriginal communities in Labrador: a study of risk and protective factors; assisted human reproduction and medical tourism in India; and the health of immigrant refugee women in Canada.

Shree has published scientific papers on research conducted as a bench scientist and on matters related to women’s health.