My Story: Talking to My Mom about Birth Control

By Saniya Ghanoui —

BK discusses how much research she did to find the right birth control pill and how talking to her mom helped her have a better experience.


OBOS Today: Knowing that she kind of went through the same things and she was being a support system and stuff was she the one who kind of led you going to the doctor and like making sure you were always good and all of that? 

BK: Yeah definitely and I remember when I was looking into it, it said that like the, on the internet it said that you can get on the pill um without a parent being with you when you are under 18, but you would have to pay for it out of pocket and I remember thinking, oh my gosh I’m going to have to figure out, how am I gonna pay for this because I can’t use my parents’ insurance because then they’re gonna see that this medicine is covered under their insurance. But when I talked to my mom it made it like ten times easier because one she knew more about it than I did even though I researched into it, she knew more about the medications and she was able to reach out to her OB-GYN which is also my OB-GYN and kind of made the appointment for me and was in the room with me when he was explaining everything about the pill.  

OBOS Today: Yeah! And um, would you say that you kind of doing that research and stuff has kind of helped you for the future like getting prepared to go on anything else that you might have to face or like changing your birth control and stuff like that? 

BK: Yeah definitely, and I think it’s great now because we have YouTube so there’s so many people um, that go on YouTube and will sit down and talk to you about this stuff because some people aren’t as fortunate who have parents that are that open about it. And so, I think it’s great that you have that connection and you’re able to kind of just log onto the internet and find out all this information and it definitely be useful for my future.  

OBOS Today: Yeah, and so you said you used um, YouTube and stuff to find your information. Have you ever like gone onto other websites maybe that are actually like more in for the purpose of contraception and things like that as well or is it mainly like listening to people and them telling their stories? 

BK: Um, I definitely went onto different websites and read more about the um scientific part of the pill so what it is, the um, different percentages of hormones that are in it, different types of pills that there are, the different companies, the different brands, and I also um, then went on to YouTube and um, listened to how women would ask their parents about uh, going on the pill and listen to their stories and how and why they did it and how they convinced their parents to do it.