HPV Quote of the Day

By Christine Cupaiuolo — April 5, 2007

From Rachel at Women’s Health News:

If you’re going to oppose HPV vaccination, you can do it for any number of evidence-based reasons. Let’s not use “it’ll turn the girls into sluts!” Reefer Madness-style propaganda, given the number of holes in that particular argument. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stick myself with rusty nails and roll around in a blood spill, because I’ve been vaccinated against tetanus and hepatitis.

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6 responses to “HPV Quote of the Day”

  1. Ha ha! A woman and I discussed this the other day, and I said I am a bit hesitant about mandating the use of the vaccine myself. There just aren’t enough studies to prove that this doesn’t pose a long-term health risk. Though people might think “It’s a harmless vaccine and it will prevent cancer!” regardless, we need more information.

  2. i think that the last two things that i read was really good because it shows that just because something can save you from one thing doesnt mean that it will keep you from cathing another or keep you healthy . ! . ! . ! . ! . ! . ! . !

  3. The funny thing is i have had HPV and when i got the HPV vaccination I went to get another test done and they had no sign of it anymore . so i think it is one of the best things i could have done . my sister went to get hers so she would be safe when she has sex and i couldnt be happier knowing she is safer from HPV even though there are many other things she could catch .

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